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Public roadmap & idea board for the first-person factory building simulation "FOUNDRY"

On this page we provide a rough overview about our future plans for the game and on what we are already working on, the roadmap. It is not a guaranteed feature-set and some features might not make it into the game, or will get heavily changed during the process of experimentation.

Further below you find what we call the idea board, there we list ideas of features we believe would work well with the game. We are currently not working on any of those and can't guarantee that we'll ever do, but we'd really enjoy hearing your feedback about them. It's our idea of getting community feedback without promising anything.

For feedback you can always get in contact on Discord.


Our upcoming update will be the foundation for our Steam launch, the key focus is to transition the game to make it less generic and provide a minor narrative background.

World Building

Status: Confirmed, work in progress

  • More content and more specialized items, instead of producing generic science packs being the only goal the player will have to build a factory that produces more specific goods.
  • Adding a slight narrative which guides through the game, but no deep story or quests, the game will remain a sandbox.
  • Experimenting with selling of final products, potentially adding a second research tree or alternative unlock system focused around throughput improvements while the regular research tree will unlock new content. (Research progression mechanic itself is staying roughly the same.)
  • [Complete] Improve early game, we're experimenting with adjustments that should make the game more accessible.

Assembly Lines

Status: Confirmed, programming mostly finished, art & animations in progress

  • Visually show product assembly by building assembly lines similar to real-life car-manufacturing.
  • Depending on the product, the assembly lines require different layouts.

World Overhaul

Status: Confirmed, work in progress

  • Adding voxel-based water. Exact mechanics are currently experimented with.
  • World generation overhaul, better world shapes and improved performance.
  • More biomes and more plausible biome placement based on temperature and humidity.

Underground Mining Rework

Status: Confirmed and complete

  • Our goal is to rework underground mining to make it more interesting. We want to keep it endless, but not without cost.
  • The current plan is to place large-scale ore veins in the ground, which have attachment points for rail miners. Initially the amount of ore obtainable is limited, but with research you can unlock something like fracking to make it endless as long as you provide some sort of mining fluid. Most likely through a building on top of it.

Long Distance Transport

Status: Confirmed and complete

  • Having ore veins further away requires a convenient way of transporting items over long distances. Most likely we would implement cargo ships / drones as a first step.

Large Building Rework / Construction Industry

Status: Confirmed and complete

  • Adjust modular buildings in a way so that they are not built by hand, but instead have to be configured by the player first and then spawn a construction site - which then gets automatically constructed by a construction drone port.
  • Remove system to build large buildings in multiple steps (f.i. Research Lab & Monument).

Minor Features

Status: Work in progress

  • [Complete] Simplifying pipes, removing pipe loaders. Adding pumps and conversion pieces between pipes and pipelines.
  • Performance improvements: We were able to vastly improve framerates on some of the more crowded saves you have provided us with.
  • Polishing and usability improvements.
  • More decorative objects.


Features we think they might suit FOUNDRY. Nothing here is being actively worked on, but we believe getting feedback on those is valuable and provides a nice way of community interaction. We experimented with rapid prototyping on some of those. This list is not ordered.


Status: Idea

  • Use biological resources in your factory, made in greenhouses.
  • Add seeds to plant trees and bushes wherever you like.


Status: Idea + Experiments in progress

  • Fully featured train system. We have prototype trains somewhat working, but finishing and polishing this feature into a shippable state is a very big task, unlikely to be added very soon.

Complex power plants

Status: Idea

  • Generate power by building a power plant out of multiple modular buildings, f.i. a nuclear plant.

Machine Tuning

Status: Idea

  • Modify certain parameters of your machines, like speed and energy consumption.
  • We are looking for features that go well with our robot production theme.


Status: Idea + Experiments in progress

  • Adding more life with small animals roaming our planet to improve game feel.

Pressure Mechanic

Status: Idea

  • Optional (toggle-able) pressure mechanic for people who want a bit more thrill. We are investigating which sort of pressure fits our game best. We believe adding enemies might not be the best option, so we are looking into other forms of danger.


Status: Idea + Experiments in progress

  • Create blueprints from existing parts of the factory and place them somewhere else. Details and limitations to be worked out.

Character Equipment & Progression

Status: Idea

  • Character equipment slots with various bonuses.